Automatic Calibration

We ensure that every volumetric product leaving our facility matches the best international standards and can be used with the highest degree of repeatability and accuracy. Our temperature controlled calibration laboratories are equipped with precision electronic balances, thermometers, stopwatches and fully automatic state of art calibration machines with optical laser beams that remove any possibility of human error, and ensure a high degree of repeatable measurements for all our volumetric products.

The following steps are carried out by fully automated computer controlled machines in temperature and light controlled laboratories:


Filling the volumetric blanks with a precisely defined amount of demineralized water under controlled temperature.


The meniscus is determined with a laser controlled camera at the exact lowest point of the water level and the calibration mark is made with a fine diamond wheel. This gives accuracies that cannot be achieved by manual calibration.


Cylinders, burettes and pipettes are marked at a minimum of two calibration points.


The wet surface area factor is taken into account throughout the process.

All volumetric glassware are calibrated as either:


The contained quantity of liquid corresponds exactly to the capacity indicated on the article (e.g. graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks


The delivered quantity of liquid corresponds exactly to the capacity indicated on the article (e.g. pipettes and burettes)

'A' Class & NABL Certification

Our Class 'A' volumetric range of products come with individual certifications of accuracy, as opposed to the international norm of batch certification. This ensures that users are aware of the precise volume of the specific piece they are using. It also allows each product to have a unique retrace code that allows us to trace back to the date and time of manufacture. This certificate can be downloaded and viewed via the Borosil app.

Certain critical laboratory applications require customers to validate the calibration of their volumetric labware by an NABL accredited lab. However, customers can procure NABL certified volumetric glassware directly from Borosil. This saves considerable time and costs as the customers do not have to send their volumetric ware to external NABL accredited labs for testing.