Borosil is India's most trusted glassware brand since 1962. Synonymous with heatproof glassware, it is the market leader for consumer glassware in India. Having made perfection a priority for more than 50 years, we bring this perfection in everything that we do. Famous for high quality and performance, we enable our customers to do more and be more by using our beautifully designed , simple, smart and practical products for home and kitchen. At Borosil we have expanded our consumer offering from its core glassware range to include opalware dinner sets (sold under the brand Larah), kitchen appliances, storage products, glass lunch boxes and stainless steel vacuum insulated flasks & bottles. With increasing concerns around the health and environmental implications of plastic, Borosil is rapidly growing its range to provide consumers with convenient, safe and healthy alternatives, such as ours revolutionary glass lunch box.


Our commitment to quality and our pursuit of perfection has led us to build products that are synonymous with dependability, safety, ease of use and elegance. For us, nothing is more important than the trust people place in us every time they welcome a Borosil product into their homes. Which is why, we don't just build products with utmost care but build them to make every day better.


  • Borosilicate Glass Serveware, Drinkware & Range Storage

  • Larah Opalware

  • Stainless Steel Range

  • Appliances


Borosilicate Glass Serveware, Drinkware & Range Storage

When elegant design meets cutting-edge technology, the result is bound to be a standout. Our range of Borosil glassware is made of borosilicate glass, which is the same glass that is used not only in every pharmaceutical and research lab, but also for making thermal insulation tiles in space shuttles, astronomical reflecting telescopes, and even for storing nuclear waste material! Borosil is the pioneer of borosilicate glass in India and it is this very quality of glass that we bring to consumer's homes.

Borosil has a range of serveware to meet your every serving need. From our microwavable serveware range that allows you to cook serve and store in it, to our high quality hot and serve range that keeps your food as hot and fresh as when it was just made, our serving range is designed keeping in mind both your daily serving needs as well as for when you are entertaining at home.

When you put so much effort into ensuring that you buy and cook the healthiest possible food, why should you store it less than 100% healthy? Our range of glass storage ensures that your every storage need is met. From pantry storage, to fridge and freezer storage, we are the only storage range that has been specially designed keeping in mind the Indian kitchen.

Flame proof, microwave proof and freezer proof, the Drinkware range is more than just a glass or mug. Pop them into the freezer to quickly chill your drink or hold it over the flame to heat it. Our signature carafes can be used directly over the flame to make your daily cup of tea or coffee. The perfect combination of looks and performance, our drinkware range makes whatever you’re doing simpler, smarter and better.


Borosilicate Glassware is the most healthy glassware as it doesnt react with any food while storing , cooking or baking in the microwave. It does'nt leech any chemical into food even at high temperature.

Thanks to it's low coefficient of expansion, borosilicate glass has superior thermal shock resistance. In other words, it can handle sudden temperature changes - say, go from freezer to oven and back without shattering.

Larah Opalware

The Larah dinnerware range embodies what we believe is good design - beautiful products that meet practical needs. The contemporary and premium designs add quiet elegance to your table, and the wide array ensures there is a design to satisfy every aesthetic sensibility.

While the designs look impeccable, they perform just as beautifully. Made of toughened glass for extra strength, yet extremely lightweight and with a whiteness that doesn't stain or fade, the Larah range is perfect for your everyday meals and also for those special ones.

When you put your best into your cooking, why should it be served in anything less?

Stainless Steel Range

If Borosil aims to provide healthy, convenient options to prepare, store and serve food, then our vacuum insulated stainless steel range, made of the highest grade stainless steel, is the perfect extension to our glass range. From office-goers, sports fanatics and adventure seekers to stylish trendsetters, these products are for everyone who is on the move.

Borosil’s Stainless Steel casseroles not only look elegant but also extremely functional. Its Double PUF insulation prevents loss of temperature and retains nutritive value of the food.

Advantage of Stainless Steel

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Every Indian kitchen has its own set of traditions and needs. Thats why at Borosil, we build our appliances in a way that they adapt and blend into your world, and craft them using only the finest quality parts and state of the art engineering. We understand that small things like designing our chopper to be able to cut the most commonly used vegetables in an Indian kitchen, or a longer cord on a mixer go a long way in making our customers lives better. Whether it’s a homemaker, working woman, or a young bachelor, our appliances are designed to make lives simpler, smarter and better.