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We're Green

We were green long before it was cool to be.

At our facility in Gujarat Borosil:

• We have been using rain water harvesting since 2003.
• 48% of all the electricity we consume comes from wind energy.
• All our guesthouses and colonies are supplied by water that is heated using our own
Borosolar water heating systems.
• Our other energy efficient measures include advanced waste heat recovery systems and
solar lighting.
• We also have an in house 9 hole par 36 golf course, which is maintained using the water
from our rain water harvesting efforts. And all the greenery around ensures that the
temperature in our facility is on average 2 degrees lower than the temperature outside.
• We not only meet Indian pollution norms, but conform to the stringent EU pollution norms.

As industry leaders, we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously, and
continuously challenge ourselves to integrate eco friendly solutions as part of our business. Our
energy conservation efforts have been recognized by the Government of India and we were
awarded the National Energy Conservation Award in 2006.
Our sense of responsibility extends to the community that we belong to, and our highly
subsidized CBSE certified school (that runs from primary to 12th grade) is our small way of giving
We were one of the sponsors of ARTiger, an art-based fund-raising initiative devoted to the
conservation of the Bengal Tiger in India.

Not because we have to, but because we want to.