Uses of Beaker in Laboratory and Kitchen

Beakers are one of the multi-functionary laboratory equipments used for various purposes in a lab. At the most basic, it holds samples to be used later. Apart from that they can also be used for preserving small chemical reaction. Beakers are made up of tempered glass and have wide mouth for pouring the solutions easily. Any experiment which yields a liquid product uses beaker to catch the liquid. Beakers are also used for experiments like chromatography. Because of their optimum balance between thermal resistance and mechanical strength due to controlled wall thickness at sides, radius and bottom, they are widely used in research, industry and education. Basically they are ideal for heating. Do you know that Laboratory glassware such as beakers can make the perfect supplement for your home cooking needs? Ever consider lab ware for your kitchen? How many times have you been in the kitchen and run out of measuring cups to store your precisely prepared ingredients? Glass Beakers can be used to mix and serve salad dressings and drinks. But Glassware made specifically for kitchen use, can be prohibitively expensive and many home chefs will settle for boring bowls and cups. The fact is lab equipment isn't entirely foreign to being used in the kitchen. Characteristics such as a high melting point, resistance to strong acids, alkalis, and thermal shock make laboratory glassware perfect for the kitchen. Beakers can easily replace measuring cups and drinking glasses. They also make a wonderful alternative serving dishes for layered desserts!!