Vision Glasses

Borosil’s revolutionary Vision Glasses have stood the test of time. Unchanged since 1962, the Vision Glass is the single largest selling glass in the country today. Exciting new cut glass designs keep the look contemporary and fresh, while retaining the iconic essence of the Vision Glass. Part of our flame proof range, these glasses can also be used directly over the stove.

Borosil tip: Keep your child’s milk ready in the glass, and pop it into the microwave in the morning before he runs off to school, or quickly reheat it over the flame!

Borosil fun fact: The Vision Glass is used by the Indian Army in Siachen, because it is the only glass which can withstand extreme temperatures, and won’t crack when steaming hot chai is poured into it in -60°C weather!

PRODUCT CODE Pcs / Set size Capacity MRP
BN75GL305BE 6 Large 305 ml 340

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