BOROSIL® Laboratory Glassware range of products includes almost all items required in general lab usage. The company's expertise in melting and forming low expansion, chemically inert borosilicate glass for over 40 years has made its products as the most preferred, not only in India, but also in many advanced countries globally.

Every member of the Borosil team is committed and passionate about ensuring that each product conforms to the highest levels of performance, accuracy and safety. At Borosil, we believe in quality assurance rather than quality control. Our Quality Management Systems are ISO 9001 certified. All products are checked at each stage during the manufacturing process to ensure that they adhere to the most stringent international standards.

Our Class ‘A’ volumetric range of products come with individual certifications of accuracy, as opposed to the international norm of batch certification. This ensures that users are aware of the precise volume of the specific piece they are using. It also allows each product to have a unique retrace code that allows us to trace back to the date and time of manufacture.

It is a testament to the credibility of the Borosil brand that for a laboratory to get ISO 9001 certification in India, it recommended that they use Borosil certified Class ‘A’ glassware.

Our success is validated by our presence in every major laboratory across the country. After all, we have nearly 50 years of experience in understanding and servicing the needs of our loyal customers, and living up to the high quality standards that they expect of us.