Calibration Process

Borosil is the single largest manufacturer of the complete range of volumetric glassware in the country. Our volumetric products find usage in all laboratories from high-end pharmaceutical production to high schools and colleges.

Borosil performs the calibration process with fully automatic state of art calibration machines that remove any possibility of human error and ensure a high degree of repeatable measurements for all our volumetric products.

Borosil has an in house set up of a well-equipped temperature controlled calibration laboratory with precision electronic balances, thermometers and stopwatches that are traceable to national standards. Only experienced & trained technicians are used for calibration of volumetric glassware.



The following steps are carried out by highly precise fully automated computer controlled machines:

  1. Filling the volumetric blanks with precisely defined amount of de-mineralized water under a controlled temperature.
  2. The meniscus is determined with a laser controlled camera at the exact lowest point of the water level and the calibration mark is made with a fine diamond wheel. This gives accuracies that can never be achieved by manual calibration.
  3. Cylinders, Burettes and pipettes are marked at minimum two calibration points.
  4. The wet surface area factor is always taken account throughout the process.
  5. The calibration laboratory is temperature and light controlled and the nominal calibration temperature is 27.0 C.

All volumetric glassware is calibrated either as; “ To contain “ “Tc, In” or “ To deliver” “ TD, Ex”.

These steps ensure that each and every volumetric product leaving our facility matches the best international standards and can be used for all purposes with the highest degree of repeatability and accuracy