Liquid handling System

Liquid Handling System

Borosil’s state of the art Liquid Handling Systems are designed for users in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, cell culture, analytical chemistry, biochemistry genetics and other areas.

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Liquid Handling System Product Range

Micropipettes - Multichannel

“Borosil’s High Precision Variable Multi-channel Micropipettes are both fully autoclavable and non autoclavable

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Micropipettes- Electronic

“Borosil’s state of the art Electronic Micropipettes are based on stepper motors with microprocessor controlled piston movement.”

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Electronic Pipette filling device

Borosil presents Boro Fill- a friendly efficient and extremely reliable electronic pipette filling device.

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Bottle Top Dispensers

Borosil presents yet another product responding to the needs of the present generation - the new Bottle Top Dispensers.

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Stands for Micropipettes

Along with micropipettes, Borosil introduces stands. These stands are available in several designs both for single channel and multichannel.

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