Our Production Facility

Borosil's Low Iron Glass is produced in an ultra modern rolled glass manufacturing facility. The entire equipment for glass batching, melting, forming and cutting has been sourced from West European companies. This facility is dedicated exclusively to the year-round production of extra clear low iron glass. No other glass is melted here, to ensure the highest quality. The entire manufacturing process is run by a state of the art Distributed Control (DCS) System.

A highly sophisticated automatic cutting line cuts exact sizes as required for processing directly on the production line.

Rigorous quality control at every stage and the purest raw materials guarantee the finest quality.

Downstream processing:

Edging and Tempering:

  • Glass sheets, cut exactly to size are fed in to fully automatic computerized edging machines, which impart a high quality pencil ("C") edge. The corners are dubbed for safety in handling.
  • After washing, sheets with finished edges are processed by a high quality tempering line that tempers the glass as per internationally prevailing norms, e.g. EN 12150.
  • The finished glass is packed according to customer's requirements after final inspection at the end of tempering line.

Manufacturing Capacity :

Gujarat Borosil has the capacity of producing 13,000 square meters of glass ,in terms of 3.2 mm thickness per day (more than 4.2 million m2/ year). This is enough to help generate nearly 600 MW of solar power.

Borosil specializes in producing 3.2mm and 4mm low iron glass widely used in the solar industry. In addition to this, Borosil also supplies the glass required in the greenhouse industry. Customer specific requirements can also be met.