All You Need to Know About Low Iron Solar Glasses

A wise shift from the regular polished glass to take advantage of diffused reflection and high solar transmission is low iron solar glass. Made with reduced measure of iron content as the name suggests, this glass gives a clearer look with no tint of green on the edges. It’s an ideal choice for those who are specifically looking out for glasses that would potentially increase glass clarity and offers better durability against unmanageable weather. This tempered glass due to its stronger and flatter surface, is the perfect choice to fight with untidy rain, wind and snow. More than what the plain glasses can offer. By doing some changes in the chemical composition, the glasses are given a crystal like look with minimum possibility of colour distortion. As a result, the low iron glass reflects true and untainted colour if it’s painted or coated with synthetic colour. So far, the ordinary glasses used to encounter issues with colour reflection and proper light transmission as the thickness of lamination increases. Thanks to the low iron solar glass, this is no longer a trouble. Although these glasses can be used virtually everywhere as an alternative for ordinary glasses, but they are mostly seen in entryways or doors, photo frames, atriums, table tops, aquariums, green houses and glass cases or cabinets. In a nutshell, a low iron glass is an ideal choice for those who prefer to invest in high performance with greater returns with bigger area of application.