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Our Culture

Passion and commitment exemplify the BOROSIL® culture. Whether it is the glass
blower on the floor, or the quality assurance manager – every member of the
BOROSIL® team is dedicated to ensuring that each product lives up to the BOROSIL®
standards of quality, performance and dependability.

This passion stems from the knowledge that our products touch our customer’s lives in many ways.

Our labware is used in school laboratories across the world to help ignite curious minds by allowing them to experience the magic of chemistry. Our products are used in all major research centres and pharmaceutical laboratories for cutting edge experiments, which help develop life saving drugs. Our laboratory ware is also used by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and other nuclear and defence research institutes, where accuracy is of paramount importance. BOROSIL® microwavable kitchenware has simplified the lives of generations of Indian housewives. Our recent foray into the solar sector is yet another example of our commitment and passion for making products that positively impact lives.

We compete with the best in the world, and the BOROSIL® brand is recognized and respected globally as one that is dedicated to quality and value addition in every undertaking.